The Dawn Meteor is the name of the incredibly powerful and deadly rifle which is wielded and owned solely by member of steel seraph's eight guardian generals, Mogami Harume. The Dawn Meteor is a cutting edge, revolutionary sniper rifle which was designed and specified personally by the elite gunsmiths of steel seraph, as well as harume herself, so as to create a rifle which would perfectly compliment her abilities and talents as a sniper, drawing out the true potential and abilities of her own marksmanship. Subsequently, the dawn meteor remains one of the single most destructive and power weapons that the world has ever seen, being one of the most powerful sniper rifles ever crafted.


The Dawn Meteor is not by any stretch of the imagination, defined as a rifle. It is instead labeled an "Extreme Range Sniper Cannon" by both harume as well as the gunsmiths who crafted it. Typically, sniper cannons are not fit for in range field use, but thanks to the super soldier who wields it, the weapon is of no concern in this regard. The Dawn Meteor is enormous. Its sheer size and length causes it to completely dwarf its wielder by comparison, being equipped with many stabilizers and additional panels which give it a distinctive and extremely aggressive design the likes of which instills fear and terror into the hearts of those looking upon it at a single glance.



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