Data Dreaming is an extraordinarily advanced metascientific miracle that was discovered at the turn of the 21st century, one which laid the ground work for an all new wave of technological revolution, and with it, birthed an entirely new era of warfare and possibility into the world, one which could either be used to support humanity or tear it down. This is the highly advanced process which has been labeled and since coveted as Data Dreaming, the act of isolating and controlling the very soul of a human being.


At the pinnacle of science, biology, and psychology, a process was born which perfectly combined all three into a single ultimate procedure. This procedure transcended science all together and even broke through the edge of possibility and charted new realms of miracles known to man. The ability to harness and isolate brainwaves generated by the human brain was discovered. Once isolated, the brainwaves were converted into data. This data could then be uploaded to any supporting system in the world, granting humans the ability to literally upload their consciousness, thoughts, memories, and experiences, their very soul onto a computer. This procedure would eventually become known as Data Dreaming, a procedure that if developed and cultivated right, could grant a human being a pseudo immortality.